Are you curious about the world of sugar dating? It’s a controversial and often misunderstood concept that has gained increasing attention in recent years.

While some people view it as a form of prostitution, others argue that it can be a legitimate way for consenting adults to form mutually beneficial relationships.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the world of sugar dating and explore some of the ethical and practical considerations that come along with it.

What is sugar dating?

Essentially, sugar dating involves a relationship where one person (usually an older, wealthy individual) provides financial support, vacations, gifts or some other gratuity to another person (usually a younger, attractive individual) in exchange for companionship and/or intimacy. 

Sometimes sugar dating is vaguely described as simply a “mutually beneficial relationship”.

These ambiguous definitions are often thrown around because sugar dating is still very conscious of how it is perceived. Much of it is in denial, and hides in the shadows, so it skirts around, using phrases such as the above.

The irony is sugar dating is nothing new. Relationships whereby a person looks to another for support have been around as long as we as a species have. 

The relationships are mostly all intimate which means, yes, sex. Everyone in sugar dating already knows all of this. Yet it, is rarely spelt out in plain English.

What are sugar daters?

Sugar daters, traditionally, have fallen into two main categories: a female sugar babe and a male sugar daddy.

Due to the popularity of dating, a sugar babe can now be male, female or transexual. And the sugar daddy category has evolved to incorporate sugar mommas. 

Statistics indicate that there are over quarter of a million sugar daters in Australia.

People that choose to sugar date are highly driven individuals, Highly motivated goal getters. Trend setters. Intellectuals on a mission.
Sugar dating is therefore a perfect way to date for people such as this as it is laser focused dating.

Which countries sugar date in 2023?

Most of the world now enjoys sugar dating.

More than 130 countries worldwide have sugar dating communities with an estimated 100 million sugar daters.  

What are the most popular countries to sugar date in 2023? 

  1. United States

Sugar dating has gained significant popularity in the United States in recent years. One indication of this is the large number of Americans who have signed up for SeekingArrangement, a popular site for sugar dating. Over 3.25 million Americans have created profiles on this site.

Additionally, a recent YouGov poll suggests that the term “sugar baby” has become increasingly familiar to Americans, with 61% of US adults having heard of it. The trend is particularly pronounced among college-educated individuals, with 70% of those with a 4-year degree reporting familiarity with sugaring. This is likely because many sugar babies are college students who use their relationships with sugar daddies or mommas to fund their education and living expenses.

  1. United Kingdom

Sugar dating has also become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, with a significant number of young women engaging in transactional relationships while attending higher education institutions. SeekingArrangement has almost a quarter of a million UK students on its books. This indicates a growing trend of young women using sugar dating to fund their education and living expenses.

According to some studies, the UK has seen an increase in the number of young women joining sugar dating websites over the last two decades., in particular, boasts over 2 million female Sugar Babies and more than 500,000 Sugar Daddies registered in the UK in 2020.

  1. Canada

Sugar dating is also quite popular in Canada. According, based on data collected over a five-year period, Toronto has the highest ratio of sugar daddies in Canada, followed closely by Calgary and Vancouver. Victoria, B.C., has the most generous sugar daddies in Canada, with an average monthly allowance of $4,947 for their sugar babies. reports that the average Canadian sugar daddy is 40 years old, has an annual income of $247,757, and a net worth of $5.3 million. Nearly 40% of Canadian sugar daddies are married, and the majority are heterosexual males. However, the site also has sugar mommies and gay clients.

  1. Australia

SeekingArrangement reports that there are nearly 100,000 Australian female students on their site seeking relationships with wealthy, older men. There are an estimated 57,000 “sugar daddies” in the country, and around 130,000 “sugar babies” competing for their attention.

Brisbane was reported to have the highest ratio of sugar daddies per 1,000 males in Australia, with a current rate of 4.70, up from 3.49 in 2013. Sydney follows at 4.16, Melbourne at 3.37, Perth at 3.11, and Adelaide has the lowest average of 2.14.

Here are the top cities for sugar dating worldwide:

United States

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • Los Angeles
  • Houston
  • Washington
  • Orlando
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco

United Kingdom

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol
  • Sheffield
  • Bradford
  • Nottingham
  • Coventry


  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Ottawa
  • Edmonton
  • Winnipeg
  • Vancouver
  • Quebec City
  • Halifax
  • Hamilton


  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Gold Coast
  • Canberra

What age are sugar daters?

The average age of sugar daters in 2023 are between 25-34. This accounts for approximately between 30 and 35% of sugar daters on a global scale. Just over 20% are aged 35-44, while under 20% are between the ages of 18-24. A smaller proportion of sugar daters are over 45.


What’s the ratio of sugar babes to sugar daddies?

In a nutshell, there are far more sugar daddies than there are sugar babes. 62% of the sugar dating market is made up of men, while 38% of the market is made up of women. Below, we’ve outlined a graph of Sugar Daddy / Sugar Babes sign ups in 2023.





What are sugar babes?

A “sugar babe” or “sugar baby” generally refers to a young woman who enters into a relationship with an older, financially successful person, often referred to as a “sugar daddy” or “sugar mommy.” The relationship is typically transactional in nature, as explained above.

Sugar babes may also be referred to as “sugar babies” or “sugar girls,” and the practice of engaging in these types of relationships is known as “sugar dating”, a “sugar arrangement” or “sugaring.” 

Are all sugar babes young, single women? 

Most of them are. Sugar babes are young people, most often single women, looking to date a mature person mainly for an additional revenue stream but also importantly for the associated lifestyle. A few examples being gifts, travel, fine dining and mentorship.

Statistics show that 8% of millennials are currently involved in sugaring, while the average age of a sugar babe is 24.

What kind of woman becomes a sugar babe? 

Sugar babes come from all walks of life – they’re professional academics, single parents, young women starting out and looking for a hand up the ladder, divorcees, students, travellers as well as babes that just like dating a more mature person. However, primarily, sugar babes are ladies who know how to have fun.

Information published in 2020 stipulated there were 185,000 sugar babes in the sugar bowl who were participating in further education.

Sugar babes are independent women who enjoy taking the reins of life, rather than let chance decide they like to play their own hand. They do this by dating a successful person of their choosing who can facilitate the lifestyle they want.

Sugar babes differ little to sugar daddies in that they are driven, and time restricted due to their careers, studies or family commitments. This is why sugar dating relationships are so successful. Everyone is on the same page.
As their free time is limited, sugar babes love to be indulged and have fun when dating, all while bringing their energy and enthusiasm with them.

How old are sugar babes?

Most sugar babes (48%) are between the ages of 18 and 22. This is then followed by babes the age of 23-36 (34%). A smaller portion of sugar babes (12%) are 27-32, while the minority (8%) are the ages of 32 and older.

The following graph highlights the average age of sugar babes.


What is a sugar babe looking for when choosing a sugar daddy?

When choosing a sugar daddy, a sugar babe looks for:

  1. Someone with genuine intentions.

Sugar babes will generally look for a sugar daddy who is honest and upfront about their intentions for the relationship. They may prefer a sugar daddy who is seeking a genuine connection and companionship rather than just a purely transactional relationship.

  1. Someone who sticks to their word.

This being a person that will quickly and politely come to an arrangement and then honor it.  This can include things like honoring agreed-upon financial arrangements or showing up for scheduled dates and events.

  1. Someone upfront and straight to the point in their communication.

This can help to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that both parties are on the same page.

  1. No haggling.

Sugar babes generally prefer a sugar daddy who is willing to agree to financial arrangements without trying to haggle or negotiate excessively. This can help to establish clear boundaries and ensure that both parties are comfortable with the terms of the relationship.

What type of relationships are sugar babes looking for?

As society changes at a rapid pace this has been reflected in the dating preferences of all sugar daters. Most sugar babes want to start very casually with a Pay-Per-Meet (PPM) arrangement and a short-term arrangement before deciding upon a longer-term commitment.

These initial shorter relationships make perfect sense until you get to know somebody better. It also relieves the pressure on two people that have just met from time and monetary commitments.

If a sugar babe and a sugar daddy establish a good bond the commitments to each other can then become long term. Significantly sugar babes were more inclined to look for a more non-committal relationship. 

Below is a graph to show what type of relationship sugar babes are looking for:

12%Long Term
37%Short Term

Here’s what a sugar babe is not looking for from a sugar daddy.

  1. Being mucked around
  2. Hours of endless dialogue
  3. To be asked for more pictures before an arrangement
  4. To be communicated with in a condescending or demeaning fashion
  5. Sexually laden messages
  6. Quibbling 
  7. Possessiveness

What are sugar daddies?

A “sugar daddy” is a term used to describe an older, typically wealthy man statically aged between 35 and 60 who enters into a relationship with a younger person, typically a woman, who in exchange receives gifts, money, or other financial benefits.

The term “sugar” refers to the financial aspect of the relationship, with the “sugar daddy” providing financial support to the “sugar baby.” This type of relationship is also known as a “sugar arrangement” or “sugar dating”.

Sugar daddies are entrepreneurial affluent men that are drawn to sugar dating for the drama free aspect of the relationships. Most often time restricted, dating this way works perfectly with their busy lifestyle. Their average age is 41 and income $250,000 per annum.  Generally, they are single but they might also be married or in relationships.

Their occupations can be any that facilitate them having the sufficient income to fulfill the obligations of a sugar daddy. Their revenue stream can vary considerably as there is no set scale of income for being a sugar daddy. It is perceived from what is listed when sugar daddies sign up that their average income is $250,000 per annum.

Point of note 

No sugar dating sites ask for any proof of income from sugar daddy sign ups. 

The below graphs outline the age and occupations of sugar daddies:

How old are Sugar Daddies?

Below 4015%
50 – 6031%
40 – 5042%

Sugar Daddy’s Occupations






Medical Professional


Legal Professional


White Collar Businessmen


Blue Collar Businessmen

It is interesting to note that sugar daddies were once predominately corporate or professional businessman.

Blue collar workers, guys in the construction industry and tradesmen now form a higher percentage of sugar daddies. They have access to a higher percentage of surplus revenue and are not governed by a set wage.

Sugar Daddies love to work hard and play harder. They know all the best restaurants and bars and love to have a beautiful woman to share experiences with.

Modern sugar daddies are self-made and mostly single, so being extravagant and spoiling a sugar babe is something they can easily do and enjoy.  Their down time is precious to them, so they tend to go all out to make the most of it. They love to date sugar babes because they know the time spent together will be exciting and fun, and more importantly drama free.

They can relax knowing sugar dating has none of the restraining shackles or negative aspects that often arise when traditionally dating. So, when their sugar date is over, they can get back, uninterrupted to their business and making money, that they love nothing more than to spend on their sugar babe. 

What does a sugar daddy look for when choosing a sugar babe?

A sugar daddy is mainly looking for girls matching his personal preference such as appearance, gender and other characteristics . They are looking for all the fun parts that come with dating a person and none of the drama.

Dates are generally short and sweet. They choose sugar dating, as the girlfriend-boyfriend feeling is important. Believe it or not, men also want relationships that feel meaningful.

A connection – a bond of sorts – is what is looked for. And to be able to have this in an uncomplicated way is what makes sugar dating such an attractive proposition. 

Here’s what sugar daddies look for when going sugar dating:

  1. Attractiveness  
  2. Sex appeal
  3. A nice warm and friendly personality
  4. Someone who is drama free 
  5. Intelligence
  6. Low emotional maintenance 
24%Long Term
36%Short Term

The below chart indicates what type of relationships are sugar daddies are looking for:

The relationship preferences of sugar daddies closely mirrored that of sugar babes.  

Interestingly, it was the sugar daddies that were more interested in longer term arrangements and especially those leading to a commitment such as marriage.  

Here’s what sugar daddies are not looking for

A sugar daddy does not want a counsellor. During COVID-19, we saw a huge surge in new sugar babes offering to be a ‘good listener’. A sugar daddy does not want that.

Neither does he want to pay for some nudes when there are free sites such as Pornhub freely available if that’s what rocks his boat.

Too often we see new sign ups offering pictures only. These sign-ups are more from opportunist rather than genuine sugar babes. A genuine sugar daddy will not be looking for this type of connection.

What is an arrangement in sugaring?

An arrangement in “sugaring” is what is agreed upon between a sugar daddy and a sugar babe. There are two main types of sugar dating arrangements: allowances and pay per meet.

Periodic allowances

This type of sugar dating arrangement involves a regular, predetermined amount of money or gifts given to the sugar baby by the sugar daddy/mumma. The frequency and amount of the allowance are agreed upon beforehand.

Although the allowance is an agreed monthly amount, you could choose to receive it weekly, or fortnightly. We would advise weekly as some months have more weeks than others. 

Pay Per Meet (PPM) arrangements

This type of sugar dating arrangement involves the sugar daddy/mommy giving the sugar baby monetary compensation for each meeting they have. The amount of money paid per meeting can vary depending on the location, duration, and expectations of the meeting.

Unlike allowances, there is no regular payment schedule, and the sugar baby is paid only for the meetings that occur.

This type of arrangement works very well if you are:

  • Travelling, so your dating location can often change.
  • A person who wishes to date multiple people.
  • A single parent.
  • A person whose free time can vary which makes the regular set arrangement times of a monthly allowance difficult. This can include a nurse who does shift work or someone who is studying. 

Regrettably, PPMs are often negatively looked upon by a lot of sugaring sites. Their reasoning is that a transaction for a short encounter is too close to escorting. Especially if it also becomes sexual.

But, still, the fact is that PPMs are a very popular form of arrangement with sugar daters. Below we’ll explain why.

Why are PPMs popular?

In sugar dating, PPM arrangements are popular because:

  1. There is a reduced risk of being deceived – as you get your money straight away.
  2. You have a less retrained and obliged feeling then when receiving a monthly allowance.
  3. There is a chance to get to know a person better before committing to a monthly relationship.
  4. PPMs offer greater flexibility that an allowance might not.
  5. You’re more likely to grow a greater income stream.
  6. Your income stream is not vulnerable by being dependent on one person.

What is the average PPM rate?

Generally, $500 is the low end of the bar when it comes to PPM arrangements. But this can vary greatly dependent on the amount of time spent together.

A PPM will often increase if you have an overnight date or spend a weekend together.  

What is the average monthly allowance?

From statistics, the average monthly allowance in sugar dating is US $2,800 a month.

Tip: get the best of both

You can safeguard your revenue stream, as well as greatly increase it, by having both monthly allowance arrangements as well as PPMs.

Is sugar dating legal?

Yes, sugar dating is completely legal and has been around in some form or other for centuries.  Even in its modern form, sugar dating platforms have been operating for close to two decades.

Founded in 2006, Seeking Arrangement is widely regarded as the first of the modern sugaring sites. Although now called Seeking, it is still for all tents and purposes a sugar dating platform.

Is sugar dating the same as escorting?

Emphatically not. Sugar dating gets unjustly associated with escorting because the relationships are transactional. 

The word ‘escort’ has a part to play in this misconception. To be an escort has nothing to do with prostitution, as a prostitute is not a companion or a confidant. A sugar babe is. 

Sugar daters initially connect through attraction. They form relationships, however long or short. And, all in all, relationships people help each other out financially in some way. 

Just because sugar dating is a different way to date – it is still dating. If when you date someone, and they choose to pay your rent, are you a prostitute? If someone buys you dinner and drinks, and then you go back to theirs that night, does that make you a prostitute? Of course not.

It is just stupid to taint any and all gratuity relationships in the category of prostitution.

Here is our knockout response to people that insist that sugar dating is escorting.

If a sugar daddy purely wants sex, he can easily find an escort. They are cheaper than seeing a sugar babe and they are guaranteed of sex. 

Sugar daddies choose to sugar date as they seek a girlfriend relationship with genuine connections and emotions. Just without drama and adverse commitments. 

There is only one way we feel that we consider sugar dating to be morally wrong – and that is if there is no attraction with the person you are with. Attraction and connection, as well as the free will to choose your partner, is what clearly separates sugaring from escorting. 

Final words: have some common sense, and you’ll have fun

Hopefully, this article has given you a more direct and unbiased appraisal of what’s currently available to you should you wish to become a sugar dater.

Sugar dating is a fun, relaxed and over all rewarding way to date. It fits easily into the busy and demanding world we now find ourselves a part of.

Take your time to choose the platform that best suits your needs. Engage only with people that are clear in what they are looking for in a relationship. Take your security seriously.

If you follow common sense rules. you will have great fun.

You can read more frequently asked questions about sugar dating here.

You can also read some tips on staying safe when sugar dating here.

Bon Chance.