If you’re a new or veteran sugar dater, then there will come a time when you need to look for a new experience. And the perfect place to find it is on a new sugar dating website.

Sugar dating is one of the fastest growing methods of dating today. It’s fun, flexible and a rewarding way to date for virtually everyone. It also perfectly suits the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s society. 

So how best to start out as a sugar dater? 

The best way to start out as a sugar dater is to, obviously, join a platform. There are a lot of different sites to choose from. So what platform is best?

We all have slightly different goals when it comes to dating. Some of us want casual hook-ups, and others want something more exclusive.

So to help you make a decision on what platform best suits you, we have listed the pros and cons of the best 9 sugar dating sites in Australia. 

But before we begin …

As we started joining sugar dating platforms to write this review, we discovered that quite a few have a multitude of aliases that are “one and the same” platform. 

Secret Benefits, for instance, was the same thing as Luxury Date, SugarDaddy.com.au and Australian Sugar Daddy.

Seeking, which is the platform people most associate with being the best sugar dating platform, goes to great lengths to distance itself from any association with sugar dating. Yet it is, in essence, the same site, with the wrapper repackaged. The functionality, as we explain below, seems to be the same.

The purpose of this unsponsored review is to take the guesswork out of you finding the best sugar dating platform for your needs.