Sugar Daddy Meet and Sugar Elite are one and the same site. 

Unfortunately, this is where we start entering into the realm of the worst sugar daddy websites.

We were not very keen on this platform.

Our problem with Sugar Daddy Meet / Sugar Elite: privacy

What we particularly did not like about Sugar Daddy Meet and Sugar Elite was that if you join as a sugar daddy, you can view what they call “compliments” at the foot of a sugar babes’ profile from other sugar daddies.

You can actually click on these messages and see the profile of the sugar daddy while reading the comments they made to sugar babes.

Sugar daddy meet is a strict male sugar daddy female sugar babe platform. There are no gay or trans members.

Sugar Daddy Meet advertises highly on its verification of members. However, the only verification we encountered when joining as a sugar daddy was a code sent to our mobile phone. And as with all sugar dating sites, there is no proof of income requirement when signing up as a sugar daddy. There is an option to verify yourself, but this is voluntary.

Sugar Daddy meet has a large membership base.

What we like

  • Not much

What we didn’t like

  • We could look a profile and read its messages with other members. That indicates that our messages could also be read by a third party without our permission.
  • Chat room function discussions were creepy.