Seeking↗ is (or was) the pioneer of online sugar dating. We’ve placed it here as it is the largest membership-based platform available and still a that many sugar daters join.

Key standout: plenty of fish in the sea

Seeking has by far the largest membership base of any of the other dating platforms of this nature, so you’ll definitely not have a problem in finding somebody to date. And you certainly won’t have any issues finding a member in your area.
If you are looking for a long-term relationship or seeking a life partner with a wealthy person, then Seeking is one of the best platforms to begin your search.

Our problem with Seeking: a platform in denial

Despite Seeking in essence being a sugaring platform, it is trying to disassociate itself from sugar dating. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult when using Seeking to communicate as a sugar dater with member.

Any dialogue Seeking deems is not fit their new image will result in your membership being cancelled.

When people go into sugar dating, they’ll usually discover a “Pay Per Meet” arrangement. This is essentially an arrangement where a sugar daddy will pay their sugar baby an amount of money for each meeting he has with her. It is a common type of arrangement, and great for people who don’t want to be “locked in” to an arrangement reliant on monthly allowances.

“Pay Per Meet”, however, is regarded as escorting by Seeking. You will be banned if you mention it on their platform. Which we found to be a little hypocritical. Seeking operate a website called (explained below). This is a website where you can bid and pay for a date. It is virtually the same thing as “Pay Per Meet”.

Therefore, if you are more of a foot loose and fancy-free type of sugar dater (that wants Pay-Per-Meet arrangements), Seeking will not be for you as you. 

What we like

  • Huge membership base
  • Excellent security
  • Good quality of members

What could be better

  • Its denial in its identity
  • Overzealous monitoring of members 
  • Throwing sugar dating under the bus