Sugar Daddy For Me↗

We’re at bottom of the food chain when it comes to Sugar Daddy For Me as a platform of choice. 

Where do we start? The website has a tacky presentation, littered with low-quality profile pictures.

What we like the absolute least is the way it is designed to push you to an ambiguous payment page where it states a ‘daily membership’ amount to sound more appealing.

The questions you want to know about what you are paying for are purposely written in a font close to the white of the page itself. 

Not worth your time.

What we liked

  • Nothing 

What we didn’t like

  • The way pricing was disguised in camouflaged font, and the push to buy memberships.

Ashley Madison / Established Men are one and the same.

Ashley and Madison portray themselves as very secure sites. So, we were surprised that, when joining, we did not even have to verify our email. 

The platform itself has a very bland layout. We struggled to see why it is listed on blogs as a sugar dating platform, as there are no features for a sugar babe to specify any wants.

It appeared more of a hook up or traditional dating site.

What we like

  • Nothing 

What we don’t like

  • Dated layout
  • Functionality
  • Bad quality of members pictures.

Sugar Daddie↗

There is not much good to say about SugarDaddie, we’re afraid. Other than the cheap memberships, this platform has little to offer. 

On joining, we felt like we were looking at the screen of a pokie machine. 

The profile pictures are of a poor quality. If you’re a sugar babe, it can do no financial harm to join, as you pay nothing. For a sugar daddy, we would encourage you to have a look and decide for yourself.

What we like

  • Cheap memberships

What we don’t like

  • Everything

Sugar Babies was easy to join. And we liked the layout.

The only problem was there were no profiles for Sydney. In fact, there are no profiles at all, apart from the ones shown on the profile landing page itself.

They show one profile for a variety of countries and cities. If you then put in a city related to a profile shown on the search page, no other members for that city are shown.

Membership is cheap but we could find no members from using the search function.

What we like

  • Easy to join
  • Layout was easy to use and engaging

What we don’t like

  • As non-paying members, we could not see any memberships apart from those displayed from around the world.

What’sYourPrice↗ comes at sugaring from a different angle.

The theme is that you bid on a date with a sugar babe. The sugar babe is then free to either ignore your offer or accept it if she likes the deal.

Setting up a profile was very easy. But we were a little surprised that a profile picture was not required. It offers profile verification, but this is not compulsory.

Members’ profile information is quite basic and has no messaging feature until you become part of the bidding. It also leaves you short on knowing much about a potential date.

To place a bid, you must first purchase tokens. We found it a little gimmicky and demeaning. 

Sugar dating is about connections, and it’s impossible to form one through What’sYourPrice. So, until you have committed to a date. So, your bidding on a connection based purely on looks.

It is essential to get to know a person a little before committing to any type of relationship. Finding out as much as you can pre meeting someone is also essential for your safety. 

What we like

  • Very little

What we don’t like

  • Most of it

Sugar Daddy Meet and Sugar Elite are one and the same site. 

Unfortunately, this is where we start entering into the realm of the worst sugar daddy websites.

We were not very keen on this platform.

Our problem with Sugar Daddy Meet / Sugar Elite: privacy

What we particularly did not like about Sugar Daddy Meet and Sugar Elite was that if you join as a sugar daddy, you can view what they call “compliments” at the foot of a sugar babes’ profile from other sugar daddies.

You can actually click on these messages and see the profile of the sugar daddy while reading the comments they made to sugar babes.

Sugar daddy meet is a strict male sugar daddy female sugar babe platform. There are no gay or trans members.

Sugar Daddy Meet advertises highly on its verification of members. However, the only verification we encountered when joining as a sugar daddy was a code sent to our mobile phone. And as with all sugar dating sites, there is no proof of income requirement when signing up as a sugar daddy. There is an option to verify yourself, but this is voluntary.

Sugar Daddy meet has a large membership base.

What we like

  • Not much

What we didn’t like

  • We could look a profile and read its messages with other members. That indicates that our messages could also be read by a third party without our permission.
  • Chat room function discussions were creepy.

Secret Benefits↗, Sugar Daddy Australia, Australian Sugar Daddy and Luxury Date are all the same website.

Join one, and you will become a member on any of the four websites. The platform structure, members and memberships are one and the same as well. So we don’t get confused, let’s just call it by one name: Secret Benefits. 

Key standout: a sugar dating website that’s proud of itself 

Secret Benefits is a well-established sugar dating site with a large membership base.  It’s a fun and easy platform to use. We liked the fact it embraces the sugar dating philosophy by not being as strict and rigid as Seeking

While the verification video required to be submitted by sugar babes was a little demeaning, it’s a good way to see a member in a true unfiltered light.

The platform is run differently to the other sugar dating sites in that it requires sugar daddies to purchase tokens that they then use to communicate with sugar babes.  You can use these tokens to begin messaging a member, view private pictures or to send a picture.

We found Secret Benefits to be one of the best sugar dating sites for ease of use and for the high response rate I received.  

The only disconcerting aspect we found while using Secret Benefits was that a site portraying itself as a sugar dating platform featured hyperlinks from escort sites in other countries. That felt a bit strange.

But all in all, it’s a very good sugar dating platform and its members enjoy a high rate of success in finding and matching with each other.

What we like

  • Large membership.
  • High rate of genuine response from members.
  • Relaxed platform that lets members communicate as they wish.
  • Easy to use.

What could be better

  • Marketing is somewhat insincere with its use of multiple sites that are all one and the same.
  • Hyperlinks from escort platforms.

Seeking↗ is (or was) the pioneer of online sugar dating. We’ve placed it here as it is the largest membership-based platform available and still a that many sugar daters join.

Key standout: plenty of fish in the sea

Seeking has by far the largest membership base of any of the other dating platforms of this nature, so you’ll definitely not have a problem in finding somebody to date. And you certainly won’t have any issues finding a member in your area.
If you are looking for a long-term relationship or seeking a life partner with a wealthy person, then Seeking is one of the best platforms to begin your search.

Our problem with Seeking: a platform in denial

Despite Seeking in essence being a sugaring platform, it is trying to disassociate itself from sugar dating. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult when using Seeking to communicate as a sugar dater with member.

Any dialogue Seeking deems is not fit their new image will result in your membership being cancelled.

When people go into sugar dating, they’ll usually discover a “Pay Per Meet” arrangement. This is essentially an arrangement where a sugar daddy will pay their sugar baby an amount of money for each meeting he has with her. It is a common type of arrangement, and great for people who don’t want to be “locked in” to an arrangement reliant on monthly allowances.

“Pay Per Meet”, however, is regarded as escorting by Seeking. You will be banned if you mention it on their platform. Which we found to be a little hypocritical. Seeking operate a website called (explained below). This is a website where you can bid and pay for a date. It is virtually the same thing as “Pay Per Meet”.

Therefore, if you are more of a foot loose and fancy-free type of sugar dater (that wants Pay-Per-Meet arrangements), Seeking will not be for you as you. 

What we like

  • Huge membership base
  • Excellent security
  • Good quality of members

What could be better

  • Its denial in its identity
  • Overzealous monitoring of members 
  • Throwing sugar dating under the bus 

Adult Arrangements↗ is an exciting newcomer to the sugar dating world, which broke into the market in 2023. Designed by sugar daters, for sugar daters, with a mission statement to address what they saw as the failings with other platforms.

So what’s different about these guys? Well, quite a lot.

It’s the only sugar dating site where you can see precisely what members are offering or wish to receive upfront. This not only negates the awkwardness of how to broach the subject of an allowance, but it also stops you wasting vast amounts of time in small talk with people that are not on the same page as you.

Key standout: bold honesty

Being sugar daters themselves, the Adult Arrangements design team wanted to incorporate the multifaceted nature of sugar dating within their platform.

Members profiles can list exactly what type of arrangement they want – and are encouraged to be as honest as possible upfront. They’re encouraged to include all the nitty gritty details – all the way down to the time they have available for dating.

The site is super flexible in that you can easily change any of these details as your requirements, needs and lifestyle alter. The layout is sophisticated and classy. with high quality profile pictures from its members.

There’s also a super cool “Hot Date” feature should you need a plus one or two, for a function, event or just company.

As if that’s not enough, recognising they are the new kids on the block the entire platform is completely free. With no catches. They told us that it will stay this way until they have a substantial enough membership base. So, there’s absolutely nothing to lose in checking these guys out and setting up a profile.

What we like

  • It’s unashamedly a sugar dating site 
  • Wants to move sugar dating forward
  • Revolutionary and creative format 
  • Currently the only totally free platform

What could be better

  • Size of membership base at time of writing this review.